Almost every homeowner who does improvement projects on their property wants to boost its value and enhance its curb appeal. Whether you are planning to upgrade the look of your house or sell it in the future, it’s a wise move to pave your driveway since it also offers ease of accessibility to your property.  

If you do proceed with your driveway paving project, there are a couple of factors that you have to consider first. These factors can affect the total cost of driveway paving.  

A driveway paving project is a huge investment. Thus, you’ve got to ensure they’re done properly. Before you hire a concrete or asphalt paving Fort Myers contractor, make sure you do your research about all potential factors that can affect the costs.  

Some of the most common factors include: 


Drainage plays a vital part in your driveway’s durability. Since the job of drainage is to direct moisture away from your property, it’s ideal to plan the project with the sewer lines in mind.  

Quality of the Base Coat 

In general, paving entails the use of two base coats. One for the bottom of the structure and one for the top.  

Aside from the costs of the materials and coating process, the quality of the base coat can also influence the total cost of your driveway paving project. The reason for this is that it can either shorten or extend the lifespan of your driveway.  

Keep in mind that the quality of the base coat and length of curing can make or break your project. Thus, ensure that you hire the ideal contractors for the task.  

Licenses and Permits 

Paving your driveway requires particular permits from the local authorities. Though it depends on where you’re located, most regions need homeowners to apply for a permit before they can start the construction project.  

To learn more about permits, you should check the building code for your region.  

Measurement of the Space 

It’s important to know the right square footage of the driveway. This will help you understand simply how much money you’ll require for the project.  

Allowing too much or too little space will not do any good. Too much space may make car maneuvering and parking difficult, while too little space might create inconvenience and an imbalanced setting.  

Clearing and Excavation 

Dealing with obstructions such as trees, rocks, and other things requires additional effort on part of the contractor. Thus, you should expect the overall cost to be higher if the contractor has to clear a lot of things before they can start the project. This is particularly true if you’ve got age-old trees and huge boulders that might need excavation.  

Cost of the Material 

Whether you’re using brick, gravel, concrete, or asphalt, the cost of paving material will depend on the fuel surcharges, freight fees, and market rate. These factors aside, brick is the most expensive while gravel is the most affordable one.  

However, you should remember that the calculation of costs does not end with the materials used for your driveway paving project.